Essentials For Staff!

Essentials for Staff

The SafeSchools site is experiencing some technical difficulties.  As of 8/28 there are still some glitches with some of the modules running correctly.

Please continue to try each evening.

Staff will still be able to leave early on Friday and will be on the honor system to complete modules later when they are working correctly again.

So do not panic if a module is not working.


Essentials will need to be completed by August 30th!

Early release is August 31st.

All staff - Service and Professional, must log into SafeSchools (use your 95600 number) and complete the mandatory modules.

If you are new or have trouble logging in (and you are in a school), see your TIS for login info/setup

If you are new or having trouble loggin in (and not in a school), email (will need 9560 number, email, name, work location)

Modules must be completed outside of your work day!


Service Professional
Service Evaluation (~15 min) (Ready 8/14)   Professional Evaluation (~15 min) (Ready 8/14)
Confidentiality (~23 min) (Ready 8/14) Confidentiality (~23 min) (Ready 8/14)
Bloodborne Pathogens  2 parts! (~17 min) (Ready 8/14) Bloodborne Pathogens 2 parts! (~17 min) (Ready 8/14)
Harrassment (~12 min) (Ready 8/14) Harrassment (~12 min) (Ready 8/14)
Acceptable Use / Passwords  2 parts!  (~18 min) (Ready 8/14) Acceptable Use / Passwords 2 parts! (~18 min)  ((Ready 8/14)
Total = ~85 minutes Total = ~85 minutes



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